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Highbury, Damgate Road,
Holbeach, Spalding,
PE12 8PB
United Kingdom


Telephone and Fax
United Kingdom
01406 821559

Outside of United Kingdom
+ 44 (0) 1406  821559


The School offers private tuition to male and female students wishing to discover the true nature of their own voices, and to develop these to their full potential, according to the principles of the great Italian vocal tradition. Students deemed suitable to undertake  this study are not chosen solely on the quantity and quality of the vocal material alone.  Other factors also have to be present –

  • Innate musicality
  • Retentive memory
  • Patience

Age limit

Female students -

16 years +

Male students -

18 years +

Entry to the School is via an introductory lesson. The purpose of the introductory lesson is two-fold. It allows the master to assess the prospective student’s capability to undertake further study, and provides the student with the opportunity to decide whether or not they would wish to pursue such a study.

No prior preparation is necessary. Prospective students must not come armed with songs or arias, as the introductory lesson only uses scales as its diagnostic tool. These scales are very revealing of the student’s talent, capability and existing flaws in voice emission.

Students who ultimately undertake study, must be prepared for demanding and detailed work, but will receive tuition that is both sympathetic to their difficulties and encouraging of their achievements.

The School remains true to one of the basic pedagogical principles of the great tradition - every person is unique, every student is unique, every talent is unique.


As part of its program to increase awareness of the plight of the once great Italian vocal tradition, the School has introduced the following -

  • A practical course on the fundaments of that tradition, with hands-on experience, for teachers, music directors, accompanists, choir-masters et al.